Friday, April 25, 2014

Before We Begin

Ours is the life digital.  

The days of broadsheets and quill pens are long past.  We are so over Gutenberg; the printed page crumpled and discarded in favor of streaming media and electronic ink.  From the moment of birth we are immersed in the vast sea of social media; down-loading, texting, twittering, podcasting, liking, linking and linked in.  Our social velocity accelerates, and our lives are ever more immediate and relentless.

Analog is just so…analog.
Anyone wishing to create a 'popular' website will follow a broadly circulated set of rules and guidelines intended to allow said website to compete for the jaded eye of the media-soaked internet audience.  In exchange for ‘hits’, that ultimate internet currency, websites must deliver content to us in brief, dazzling spasms, lest our attention wander elsewhere.  We, these guidelines hold, have lost our ability to focus, our attention spans constantly eroding as the digital hucksters clamor and compete for ever smaller increments of our lives.
Consider this your invitation to high tea in a world of rave parties.  
The Infinite Reach is about Science Fiction and Fantasy.  There will be views, news, reviews and, now and then, stories.  We’ll start slow and see where it goes.  Think of us as an ongoing F&SF literary work in progress. Some of us write with quill pens, so patience is a virtue here. 
Interactive flash and pre-digested infolets you can get elsewhere. However, if you’re looking for thoughtful analysis, daring prose, deep insights, and a tendency to use words not writ nor spoken conversationally since Middle English went out of fashion, then welcome home.

Welcome to The Infinite Reach.